Saturday 15 December 2018
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africanews - 1 month ago

Black representation matters [This is Culture TMC]

We live in a world that is quite unfair unfortunately especially in terms of the lack of and underrepresentation of black people. There’s always a fuss every time a black person or those whose origins are in Africa get for example global accolades. As black people no matter where we are we celebrate this. Because history made a black person less important, incompetent. Africa has been portrayed as backward, savage, and chaotic in everything. And seeing a change in this context means a lot. A perfect example was the release of Black Panther film in February this year. The first black superhero movie, with a black director and with a primarily black cast. It was a big deal for the black community. But this was just a story in Wakanda which is a fictional country. And it’s official. Black Panther 2 is on the way! Impatiently waiting. But apart from the kingdom of Wakanda, we have real stories. Black people breaking boundaries and defying the odds of black stereotypes. Casey Palmer is a Canadian blogger who passionately talks about being a black person in Canada and is always happy to educate people on his background. He explains more.

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